fleets of foxes.

i once said Fleet Foxes took me to distant lands. & today they really did, along with the help of two of my favorite people. over here. (i would like an iphone, please)
listen & imagine.
also, happy promming. i can't wait to see everyone dressed up, it might be my favorite part of the occasion...



it seems as though i've run out of ramblings these days. though, every day calls for celebration in some little way. i wish i took the time to write them all down...
today i made up a song about flossing my teeth. i love flossing my teeth & singing myself through these kinds of things. i aslo danced for my dog.
those braids are pretty from A Cup Of Joy
broken horses


Fleet Foxes.

Blue Ridge Mountains.
when i listen to them i feel i should be in a distant land of many cloud shaped trees with a compass & a map. it's a good Friday over here though. my pink tree is waking up & draping to the green grass.


vagabond shoes.

"start spreading the news,
i'm leaving today.
i want to be a part of it,
New York!"
you know those moments when your mind really just has nothing to think about? usually my head just fills in random songs to ease the silence inside, it usually plays the same song for a few days till it chooses another one. lately it's been Frank Sinatra-New York. i wonder why.
what a good man.

i drove past a Phoebe runner today!
see here.
i love this show the most of them all.



my excitement of being in a new land this August is growing more each day. i've moved once & it wasn't dramatic. this will be a time of learning, independence, & fresh beginings. i welcome this excitement with all my heart as i have for so many months already. absolutely & completely, how can i not! i have the stability of a best friend; we will ride our bicylcles around our new neighborhood on Sunday afternoons in the fall time & climb rocks.


luna, the doors are open.

i pray for my future to be full of afternoons like theirs.
i've got Angus & Julia Stone in my head, on repeat.
i have been dreaming all week long.
i have bizzarre dreams, if i wrote a book of them it would entertain you for hours.
my grandfather made me laugh a lot yesterday, he hates China.
a trumpet.
King's Speech was mesmerizing in so many ways, plus it made me more excited to be a speech therapist.
our curb has graffiti on it.
i contemplated the vastness of the world today & i think a road trip on the eastern side of the country sounds nice.
Harry Potter i think!
the ships are coming in & i have nothing more to say.
the walls are coming down
harold t. wilkins

i love their sound.
i love their style.
the singer looks familiar.


my space.

sometimes i feel like my room is an I Spy book.
if you saw it you'd understand.
i have stacks & stacks of hidden collections.
ticket stubs, lace, buttons & nicknacks, books, lightbulbs & old keys, paper cut-outs of 50's clothing patterns & postcards, stuff i've ripped out of magazines & newspapers, light stained polaroids & old cameras, maps, album covers & bottles.
i like homes where, if you look deeply enough, you'll find personality.
yet, isn't the personality already there in presentation?



you know how you'll love a song by an artist & that song ends up being the only song on their album you like? this happens a lot. there aren't very many albums where i love every single song...She & Him-Volume 2, Noah & The Whale, Chasing Kings, Arcade Fire-Suburbs, The Shins-Wincing The Night Away, Vampire Weekend-Contra, Beirut.
this is another i've fallen in love with.
i think you'll enjoy it if you take a listen. i love it all.
ps. i'm pretty sure if i showed this album cover to Newman he would freak. he's such a scaredy pants.



as i sit here & wait...
i hear my clock ticking.
water dripping from the drain outside.
the buzz of my computer.
the blood in my ears.
people in the streets.

my home is sleeping.
it is one in the morning.
it is three in the morning eastern time.
come on website, I NEED TO STUDY.


ring the bells.

one more month & i'll be free.
no more college in high school, no 15 page research papers, no Saturday morning or after school classes, no AP calculus freak outs, no 3 AM nights.
just me, work at Pizza Factory (with my Carrie!), a trip to Wingers to celebrate, my associates degree, & a week in New York (i hope). plust the rest of my life & all the wonders it holds.
gah! i'm bursting.

i'm trying to picture myself after the AP test, & really, it's unreal.


friday, i'm in love.

a lovely story for you on a Friday.

i fell asleep outside today & dreamed of strange memories that never happened.
i woke up. half my face was rosy.
i fell asleep again & dreamed of oxfords of various styles.
a part of me woke up these last two days along with the season.
happy April, indeed.
Kate Spade
he pops up on many internet homes, he is brilliance.