Painting Reality

saw this here.
when i was younger i was always telling my mom that i hated how our world is so full of neutral colors, at least most of it that is.
that's probably why i enjoy all those old houses that have pretty colors & designs so much.
every intersection should look like this one, i think.
ps. Edward Sharpe was so so good. it's true what everyone is saying.



The Decemberists were great last week, i went with my good friend Kevin. we took the long way to the park because there are so many pretty houses to see in Salt Lake, (& an owl forest?!), but it also might have been because we were lost...
<-------- he's over there on the left.
now it's time for the show i've been waiting for all summer! eleven people making music. i hope tonight when we see them that we all clap along to this song. that would be fun. my favorite is Desert Song, how about you?



Skin & Bones.
i fell in love with that song as i fell in love with the dance.
not in this life but at some point after i surely plan on taking the time to learn to dance like that. it seems it would be so magical to be able to move that way, especially to music.

who else is dying to buy a copy of Kinfolk? so many people contributed to the making of that magazine that have already inspired me countless times.

i saw it a second time & it was even better!

34 days.



sometimes i wish i saw the world in black & white. the two opposites complement each other so incredibly.
i've decided to carry a notebook with me at all times from here on out, maybe stash one in my car, in my bag. i have thoughts running through my mind that deserve to be written on paper & remembered.
up at Sundance tonight we saw the Utah Symphony & oh how i wish i had someone who would have been willing to dance with me. it was beautiful sound! i've missed wearing coats too, good thing i'll be living in Logan.
slow dance, swing. i need to marry someone who will dance with me.
i'm so happy we have music to cheer us up.
we are so blessed to live in this country, happy July!