i like songs that i can whistle along to.

out of all the songs to be listening to when i read Oh So Rosie today, i was listening to Pumped Up Kicks. she mentioned Pumped Up Kicks in her post. these things do happen, & i like it when they do because it's fun.
i'm liking their sound a bit these days.

a few more good listens for this day:
Little Talks-Of Monsters & Men
Houdini-Foster The People
Finish Line-Fanfarlo
Down River-Temper Trap
Electric Feel-MGMT

summer is the season for new music, plus a mix of the old.


hey dad,

{i love this old photo of my parents}

happy father's day! i love you a whole bunch.
let's go climbing.


burning incandescently.

my favorite thing these days is riding my bicycle. my sister finally fixed her's up so we've turned into bike riding fools. we sing songs as we ride & oh the places we go. she tells me stories of her 8th grade life & i give her wise advice because that's what i am..wise :) i'll miss those moments when i'm away from her this fall.

my brother comes home from his mission in four days & the excitement/craziness started about two weeks ago. my mother is crazy, i say this in a loving way. but really, she's crazy. i don't think my home or yard has been this clean & organized since ever. four days, FOUR DAYS!

incandescently is a beautiful word. & is it really june 18th?

i just realized i haven't taken any photos this summer. here's some more fisheye film i don't think i've shared yet. lovely.

moth's wings, passion pit (i feel this is a good celebration song)
the line up is magical this summer! i am incredibly excited.


east harlem.

i'm truly loving this song.
here it is again, just not live but a little more upbeat.
i'm always feeling a little Beirut.



i am rather glad that i have my own perspective on the world. that it can be mine, from my head, my mind. i'm very grateful for agency, that i can feel & think & choose for myself. yet, how incredible is it that we don't have to choose everything by ourselves. we have our Father in heaven to turn to & He trusts us to make the right choice. we just have to be the one to implement those correct choices.
we cannot go wrong when we welcome & recognize His love in everything.



thank you for looking incredibly beautiful today, Logan.