i heard you on the radio, i couldn't help but smile.

{i stole this photo from Carrie, she has a pretty umbrella}
every once & a while i'll see a Phoebe runner along the street & i chuckle.
i think i'm probably one of them as well...
Brock! i'm so excited.
i like those guys & their sounds.



"I helped teach the lesson in third hour on missionariy work, and I just wanted to say that I know that it's the greatest work we can be involved in. I've never had more fun, been more tired, shed so many tears of joy, and smiled as I have on my mission. I figure that I've spent almost 1000 hours formally teaching on my mission, and for all the teaching I've done, I feel that I've learned more than anybody. I agree with President Monson in that every worthy, able young man should prepare to serve a full-time mission. It's what we promised to do before we came to this earth. There's no greater calling. Have a great week!"
-Elder Dobry

we received Jason's 102nd email today. 102! lately i am full of excitement for him to come home, i can't believe he arrives home in only 23 days. it's been so fun to hear from him each week about his adventures & to get advice from him when i needed it. i miss playing basketball with him, card games & mancala, & staying up to watch the late night showings of Whose Line Is It Anyway?.
i feel like so many friends are out in the mission field (& they just keep getting calls!) so it's nice to know they come home. i think it's time to get myself an old globe & place little flags in all the areas around the world where all those missionary friends are. i'm so proud.
{i really just could not spot my brother in this picture, he's there though, i promise}


a room that is dark.

one thing i will miss about high school is my access to the dark room. & a few teachers. & people i see. but i'm ready, so ready, for a new start, & for this summer! i really truly am so excited for life right now. the last few weeks i've been able to breath & actually enjoy being around people without worrying about school work & all those other stresses that occupied my every thought the last five months.
it's refreshing.



Carrie & i might have stayed after school an extra 45 minutes to develop a good bundle of pretty photos today. B-tholomew trusted us with his fisheye...which we might have left campus a few blocks with, maybe. the world looks rather incredible through that little lens i think.
the above is my favorite.
more to come.


dill weed.

the spice of the night was dill weed,
so we made sure to listen to Dilly by Band of Horses.
i am your jenna & you are my carrie.


criss angel did it better.

morp happened.
i got this on my doorstep one night.
we got muddy. MUDDY.
the best.
we took uncomfortable photos that we love in front of a yellow wall.
you'll see below that one is not quite like the other...levitation.
he was my date, i like him.
& good job Brooklyn.
what a good day.


two drifters.

i like the honey trees.
how enchanting is this video.
how enchanting is her voice & pretty hair.
click repeat a few times will you.



they see the world differently.
they see the dirt,
the sparkle in people's eyes,
the good stuff.
they're strange..but they see it.



i am so grateful that i have the mother i have, i see her living the way you should live everyday. i'm so happy that she has taught me service and love. i can't wait to call her when i'm in Logan and fill her in on all my new adventures. the good and the bad.

happy mother's day.



dear AP Calculus, see ya!
dear Logan, so good to see you again today. i can't wait to call you my home away from home...so soon!
dear Pine View, thanks for letting me know i'm in finally. it's all coming into place.
dear ABBA & Fleetwood Mac, i will always, ALWAYS, love you.
dear Seven Eleven, i passed by five of you today & each time i was reminded of Craigers & how he got his call today. i'm so proud of all those guys.
dear phone, we've seen a lot of each other lately via text messaging, it's not normal.
dear Carrie, i keep laughing at that list/questionnaire.
dear May the fourth of 2011, you were the best worst day i've had in a long time. freedom is good.

let's graduate already!


friends that i love.

something happened today.
i got a little emotional when i saw this picture over at Carrie's internet place...& i thought, hey, i love these guys.
i'm going to miss them real bad when we are all in different lands next year.