i wonder what it would be like to be someone else all the time.
i try to picture myself as someone else.
someone with a different mind. different thoughts and insights on wordly matters & the small things.
but mostly i just wish i could shape myself into their pocket and live in their steps for a few moments of the day, just an observer, a shadow.
it would be interesting.

but it would always be nice to come back to me.
my mind is my mind.
permeable to what i wish.



my favorite part about this Sunday evening was dinner at the table,
& then kicking a soccer ball to my sister in the street with rain and a black sky.
i feel this week will be a full one.


to chase a king.

Chasing Kings.
i talked to them last night (!!), & danced to their tunes. i also got a little rosey when i stood there next to them.
i bought their record , & they drew a little man on it for me.
great night, great company, great music.
it's the little bands like these that i love the most.
they will be big one day i'm sure of it.


i even like the pictures they pose for & maybe their faces too.

i love these guys & the sounds they make.
this new album is brilliant.
you can download L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. for free on Amazon right now.
do it.
& watch the video.
they should stop touring Europe & head to Utah...because i am in love.


austen, jane.

if you love going to the theater & you love Jane Austen like me, you should go see Persuasion at BYU before it's over.
absolutely wonderful.
sometimes i wish society today were similar to the old english way of life; when if you needed something to do you went for long walks, took turns about the room, shopped for ribbons, read novels or played the pianoforte. but most of all i wish we danced.
Photo courtesy of Mark A. Philbrick. Melanie McKay as Mary Musgrove, left, and Ben Isaacs as Charles Musgrove.
i wish i lived near an ocean today. i feel like walking along the coast & finding old bottles & other sorts. some days i wish i had blonde hair & some days i'm convinced i'm going to dye my hair darker, but i like my color. i like the way light bounces off it. Fictionist played in the streets of none other than Provo last Friday night, we made it for the last song. it was a great song. they really are quite fashionable in many ways. it is a happy sunday today & my brother comes home in 93 days.


here, there.

i like that my hair is long enough to do this.

today i love The Killers.
i like them, but today i love them.
i know it's a good day when i love them.
i can't explain these things.
just go listen to Mr. Brightside & dance & sing.
it'll make you feel like Cameron Diaz in The Holiday eh.

wooo, it's a weird day.
& my sweater has purple roses on it.
not green.
i guess it's a good day to tell you i used to irish dance.
i still have the shoes & sparkly dress, but best of all i still remember the basic moves.
don't tell me to dance for you though, cause i might & you don't want that.
i once performed on St. Patrick's Day, that was the day i saw a couple get married on the stage in funny green outfits.
how awful.

after school today i found myself at the base of AF canyon, i was real confused.
sometimes i just drive & don't pay attention to where i am, i just think.
i love driving on that road though.



you should take a quick moment to look through Gee Hue's galleries.
it will take you places, ahead & back in time. to new lands & new lives.
his photos have a grainy feel. plus black & white gets me when it is contrasted as so.
Photography-Portrait-Those who wait
Devotchka-How it ends.
i love convoy & the inspiration that comes.



i really enjoyed watching this video today. my brother was there, singing in the celebration. did you notice how beautiful the people are! i am full of glad thoughts for them because they are able to have a temple near, the gospel really needs spreading there & i am so excited about this. & that i get to hear about the miracles happening in that land from my brother every week.

lately the church is more true than ever to me. there is no way that it isn't. i get the feeling of love & happiness that overwhelms my body so much, the spirit. i love it. i feel like i've learned so much this past year, & it's opened up many more opportunities for me.

it is incredible. the word is spreading to all lands, & my friends & family are helping, & i hope i am in some way as well. i am so grateful for this.



i got one.
so here's a post just for him.


when you climb, your muscles hurt & you love it.
when you climb, you're solving problems, trying to find your route.
when you climb you're up high, you do tricks on the way back down.
when you climb you are surrounded by friendly people.
when you climb, there are a lotta snatchers & lurkers.
when you climb your hands get rough.
when you climb your muscles cramp & you feel awkward in your gear, but then you get over it & you feel awesome.
when you climb you feel strong.
when you climb your knees get real banged up.
when you climb you get angry & frustrated, but then you know you'll get it next time.
when i climb i feel like the world is good.
i hope i never stop.
keetchums was there too...i just wasn't sent any pictures of him apparently, we still love him.
we are rockstars & i have amazzzing friends.
i am in love with this song.
& this one as well.

things are looking up in my sight.
may this week be filled with optimism & quaint living.


greater than before.

i was laying on my bed, christmas eve, the first time i heard this song.
carrie had given me the album as a gift, she knows me well.
the first time i heard it, i felt like it took my heart out & rearranged my pattern a little.
since then i've had a new love for zach condon-beirut, greater than before.
in the middle-joshua james
carrie smiff
beth hoeckel



he's the explanation to my particular love of the mountains.
i'm glad his love of the outdoors was passed to me.
as well as my sense of independence & need to stand my ground. i got that from him i'm convinced.
almost as much as i'm convinced i was born fifty years too late.
i love love this photo. please take a second look, you'll see my fascination.

school is overwhelming. i know this because my back is constantly achy. i thought doxy only did that to me. but alas, i know i am not alone. scriptures & prayer help tons, what would i do without. i know these hard classes are worth it, getting my associates, everything is worth it. i'll be that much closer to my goal.

today i also feel overwhelmed with gratitude to where i live. i was born into a phenomenal family, in America, in the gospel.

in philosophy we watched the whole Invisible Children documentary. it is incredible how blessed we are. all day i've felt thankful for every thing that i hold in my hand, for every place i stand. knowing that it is ten times more than what those children & people have. & i just feel love for them. as well as for all the people across the universe who share their struggles.

i am blessed.

i've been thinking of how i could help. & praying for them seems like a sensible place to start. so, say a prayer for them tonight, if you will.

i also find myself over at Beth Hoeckel's online home quite often the last couple weeks.
especially "Hillside" & "Sea Birds" over here. her digitals are interesting as well.