before life gets even crazier...

here's a few pictures:
i've been hiking,
and running a half-marathon.
and lots of other stuff.

i'm in Logan now. i love this place, it's good to be back. i think, i like it but i don't. it's so different from last year. it's kinda funny to look back at myself a year ago, i was such a baby then. makes me feel a lot older. especially living basically by myself because i think my roommates might be hermits...whatever. at least i have my own room.


oh, and we're with Mitt...


i put this blog on private for not even 24 hours, and then i was like eh. i like you people who read this nonsense. it probably doesn't make sense to most people except Carrie but whatevs chillz mega chillzz.
cheesin it up:
we all met in SLC today. as in ALL SIX OF US! for once this summer we were all together. i love the faces of my people, so i took some pretty close ups :)
Mishk is leaving on a jet plane to San Fran on Sunday, for a whole year and a half. we're gonna miss that girly.
love you Mishk! see you at Christmas time.
haha! and i just realized that collage has two Tarahs. i cloned her. whoops.


worth waiting for

i listened in on my mom giving a lesson today in her YW's class, she showed them this video and i just loved it. our Father in Heaven has so many blessings in store for us. how cute are those kiddos, too!



back in June, Carrie & i hung out with some friends on campus in Logan. we found some spears and threw them around like any normal person would. then we found the "campus troubadour" he had huge bell bottoms on and carried a guitar around, he taught us some karate, surprise! and then serenaded us under the moon.
all troubadours should know karate.

thoughts on faith.

i read this on Madi's blog the other day:

"An unexamined faith is not worth having." 
Russell Hancock

i've thought about that a bit over the past few days. in my grandpa's Gospel Principles class today he taught about Exaltation. Exaltation is the ultimate goal, it is what we are here to work towards. being reunited and living with our Heavenly Father and Christ again.

grace by grace, bit by bit, line upon line, precept upon precept.
we learn how to reach that goal.

but of course we cannot reach a goal that we don't understand. and the more time we take to understand, experiment, examine the goal, the more we yearn for it. the more we live it. the more we live with an eternal perspective. the more we live in happiness, through our Savior. because he is the one, true way to true happiness.
continually examining our faith and beliefs, even our most basic beliefs, will help us see life as it comes better than with a halted faith that never grows. we will understand why bad things happen to us and to those we love, and we will understand why different people were put in our life at different times, and we will understand what we can do to better ourselves. and the good stuff, the good stuff means so much more, because we know that it is a blessing from our Heavenly Father, and we understand his love more deeply. we see life in a better way.
i hope someday i can have a faith like the brother of Jared. have a faith that i will never question.

i love insights like this. insights that i've learned before but every time i learn them it means more and i feel converted all over again.

Happy Sunday!


on the road.

i took all of these when the car was moving on our trip last weekend. i love road trips. i love sitting and watching the world go by out the window. i love talking to the other people in the car about pretty much anything. i love not talking at all and just listening to music or sitting in silence. i love road trip food. i love the random places you stop along the way, even if it's for five minutes, and you still seem to get a feel for what the town is like in those few minutes. i even love putting my finger on the windows to test the temperature outside.
i love road trips.


things that i think in my head.

i just ate a rolo, which reminds me of how McDonald's now has rolo mcflurry's and how they are reeeeeeeal good. i'm hosting my very own yard sale on Saturday and with my luck nobody will come. i inherited a bunch of potentially cool clothes from my great aunt but i need to learn how to sew now to make potential reality. my chacos were lost for a week, my seven year old cousin finally fessed up that he hid them, along with my Halle girl. those sneaky turds. i carry pepper spray to work with me, that's how safe i feel in this town. my grandma backed into the four-wheeler today with her car, the look on her face is something that will always make me laugh. i want another rolo now. i spent last weekend in California, jumping and rappelling off cliffs into deep potholes in the middle of canyons in the middle of the Sierra Nevadas. i love canyoneering. pics and vid will come soon.....or, someday hopefully. i spent five days with an Australian. i love this country, America. how cool is the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. how cool is it that we still abide by a document that was written over 200 years ago. go Mitt. you all better vote in 89 days. i can't wait for Logan. the summer is almost over!!! who's ready for fall. me. i only work at Rip's five more time. yessssss. i can't brush my teeth without my mouth open, therefore it always ends in toothpaste on my face, shirt, or the floor. big whoop.

that pic is from the other night when i spent some goooood time with my Carrie and she informed me that we only saw each other once, maybe twice in the month of July. whaaaaat?! not okay.

and i went to Bear Lake with some of my cousins last week.
if my cousins aren't cute than i don't know what cute is.
we were sure to stop at Merlin's and grab a raspberry shake and a "chicken & things" wrap. and by grab i mean wait forever in line because it's so worth it.

happy almost end of summer. boooyah!