have you ever seen a more attractive astronaut?
i doubt it.
happy halloween!


a walk around campus.

i took myself on a little campus tour today. i've realized i haven't been in a lot of the buildings here at USU, so i grabbed a newspaper to read while i walked & i went exploring. building after building. how neat is Old Main? the fall leaves complete this valley right now i think.
our campus is beautiful.


brandi carlile.

Brandi Carlile is so great.
leaves are also so great. 
i love this season. 
walking around when there are colored leaves to crunch on is so fun.
& when i go running & the sidewalks are hidden by leaves.
leaves leaves leaves.
that's all.



ha this is great.

a couple interesting things i've read lately:
(read the comments of the 2nd one, they are what's interesting)


Brandon Flowers.

you can't help but smile when you watch this right? who doesn't love Brandon Flowers.

with all the hype on the news lately about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, i keep getting the urge to tell everyone i see that "i am a member of the LDS faith & i am a christian!", i just want to scream it all the time. i am human, i'm a dancer, & i am a member.

Adam got me into watching the "I'm A Mormon" videos & i think i've nearly watched them all now, i love them. i love that these people are sharing their testimonies by sharing their life in just a few short minutes. being a member of the LDS church is a way of life, we believe in living our faith & sharing it with the world. in doing this we hope to bring others closer to Christ & share the infinite happiness & love that He is.

my favorite part of the video on Brandon Flowers is when he's talking about his kids, 
"...it's like a chamber in your heart that you didn't know about, it opens up when you have a baby."
i feel like that chamber has already creaked open a little for me, like my love for the kids i hope to have someday is so strong & different than any other love i've known before, have you ever felt this? imagine the love our Heavenly Father has for each of us, it's probably stronger than anything we could ever try to comprehend. this knowledge lifts me up, makes me feel like i have worth, & gives me a reason to keep fighting against opposition each day.

let's keep that fire burning, forever & ever.
actually let's start a forest fire, let's light this world on fire.
ready go ha.

ps. Brandon Flowers has an awesome voice, & whenever i listen to The Killers i want to sing so loud & dance like crazy. it's the best.



mallory tagged me. she's a cool cool girl if you didn't know that already, though i'm sure you did. she cracks me up pretty bad sometimes too.
you know, i'm a big fan of odd numbers, but 7 just never was my favorite number.
but here's 7 truths about me:

un-i've never been to Beto's, that always shocks people.
duex-i hate trying to think of stuff about myself, this is really hard & i'm only on number two.
trois-if you were to read my journal it would probably confuse you because i never go in order of pages, i skip around. the days are all jumbled around on different pages.
quatre-when someone tells me their name i imagine spelling out each sound. example-Megan would be mehghen, or Kimberly would be kim-bur-lee.
cing-i wish i could drop out of school, move to the mountains, & be a granola bum for life.
six-i think i'd make a real great shuttle driver here at USU. everyone would wait in line to ride the "fun shuttle" driven by myself haha. & everytime people are loading in i'd be so friendly, "what up! welcome to the shuttle fools!"
sept-i say 'fool' way too much.

if they feel like sharing, i'd like to learn 7 truths about Carrie, Mia, Megan, Jessie, SarahMadi, & Clay.
i guess 7 isn't that bad a number.

watch this video please, i love it so much. communication & people interaction is such an interesting subject to me. also, if communication interests you as well, read here about the Ted & Ting concept. i recently heard about it & i personally agree on parts of it as well as disagree on other parts. but i think it's something to think about, definitely. this concept will make you think more about how you interact with others & whether or not your comments are more Ting or more Ted. i think if everyone were to really think before speaking, conversation would be more effective, this is a given, but how often to we really do this?


Comptine d'un autre été.

i often listen to this song.
i often carry an umbrella when it rains.
today i did both.