I made this while I was in LA today,

because videos are cooler than photos sometimes.
& guess what. Tomorrow I start a new job. WHOOP WHOOP. I'm stoked, and also so glad to be back in Utah.


Lions Gate Bridge and Stanley Park

Yesterday I planned to only run a couple of miles...but it ended up being like nine or ten. It was too beautiful to stop! I ran up and over the Lions Gate Bridge which is about a mile and a half and then I discovered the Sea Wall in Stanley Park which goes all the way around the park (rainforest) right along the ocean. So I just started going and couldn't stop, it was too pretty. I ran through three beaches and all the way to the other end of Vancouver.


Deep Cove

This, my friends, is where it's at. My parents are going to be renting a house in Deep Cove, minutes away from the water. Basically you feel like you're in a forest by the sea.
A walk to the beach in one direction and a walk to the village in the other. And when I say village I mean cute little shops and yummy food, gelato, famous donuts, a bristo with the best pasta I've ever tasted, etc. 
I'm pretty jealous.

Gransville Island

Gransville Island. It's a small island north of Vancouver right by the harbor (or harbour as the Canadians write it). The public market is really cool, lots of raw fish and stuff. There's also a ton of really cool shops with so many nick nacks that you just have to touch and you just wanna buy it all but there's not room in your carry on. 

You know, as cool as it is to be here and to have so much to see, I would so rather see all of this stuff with someone else by my side. It's way more fun to have someone else to point things out with and then to share those memories with that person later on. I like having people in pictures too, I mean I don't wanna ask people to take a picture of just me in front of the ocean or something (hah, gay!). Oh well, someday I'll bring Chaser here. 



So, when i'm walking around Vancouver I feel like i'm in New York City (not that I've been to NYC but basically I feel like i'm in the movie version of it). Yet, Vancouver is nothing in size compared to big, big cities like NYC. I've just never been in any place like it, I've never been surrounded by so many people, ever. And by so many people of so many different cultures.
Yesterday I ventured to Gastown. It's known for it's cobblestone roads and old-stlye brick buildings. It's packed with souvenir shops and I loved the old light fixtures. There's an old face clock that blows a steam whistle every half hour and everyone stops to "ooh and ahh" at it. Also, Gastown is named after a guy who was really gassy so that's cool haha.