speaking of music.

this is what my ears have been enjoying:
(you should probably just listen to the whole 'We Bought A Zoo' soundtrack)
(that last one has a disturbing video, but i love the song and her new album)

bike ridin.

i love bike rides.
and my kiddo cousins who kiss salamanders and keep me entertained all the hours.
and my grandpa's studly box of boots, and more boots.
and the wonderful antique furniture i've inherited.
and the fisheye app i downloaded the other day. it's kinda fun.
and that summer is just about over.

bring on the beautiful town of Logan.
bring on my beautiful friendly friends that i've missed.
bring on change.
bring on my Carrrrrrie.
bring on trees and mountains and canyons to climb, climb, climb, and explore.
bring on the fall season.
 bring on jeans and jackets again. 
i'm even looking forward to sitting in the USU library again.
all of that sounds like hallelujah to me!


two important things.

1. i watch a lot of politics and world news with my grandparents. i think that stuff is so interesting and i'm kinda hooked on it. i heard this, "you get the government you deserve", which is mostly true. i think a lot of people spend more time complaining about the economy and the government than they do trying to understand it to gain an opinion on certain matters. i definitely think it's important to be aware of what's going on in the world and if all you can do to put your opinion out there is vote, then you better be registered to vote for this coming election. because it will make a difference and it is something you CAN do. we were given this land, this country, to be free. this is a gift from God. and we do hold responsibility to make any difference that we can. it's important to have an opinion, and to act on that opinion. then to have faith that things will work out, no matter what. as long as you hold Christ as the center of your heart, everything will work out.

2. i really like this:
my name is Jenna Dobry and i approve this message. haha. but really, i believe in alone time. time for you to just be you.

the end.



i wish i could dance. really dance. i've only ever followed a few TV series and SYTYCD is one of them. i love that show, this season is so dang good too! dancing is so beautiful. i wish my body would do stuff like that. i can't wait for heaven when i can learn to move so beautifully and gracefully. this is my favorite of this season so far:
so you think you can dance...dance......dance....


this is gross news.

i got operated on yesterday. an infected sebaceous cyst. sick. the doc said it was so big it needed to be named. Voldemort seems appropriate. and some advice: don't YouTube sebaceous cyst, and absolutely don't watch any videos that come up. unless you want to puke.


you should watch these videos.

i'm wanting to do something awesome like this these days. i want an ADVENTURE!



a few seconds,

of my date with Chase:

usually, when i am having a good life moment, i am wanting to video and take pictures of every second. but lately there's been a distraction that seems to hold my attention better than my camera. which i am totally okay with. this would be why i only captured a few seconds of this date on video...
remember when i wrote this post forever ago? i wrote "i hope someday i can sum love up in my own words". well, guess what, i think i could probably do a pretty good job of it right now. it's hard to put into words but it's easy to feel. my glass box has been invaded and i couldn't be happier. i'm not one to get ahead of myself or even write stuff like this, so it must be a pretty big deal if i feel like shouting it to the world every second of every day. maybe some day soon i will take the time to write my thoughts on love, sum the feelings up into words. 
i love, love.


hello July.

'Music and Lyrics' is one of my favorite movies, and 'The Way Back Into Love' is one of my favorite songs. Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant are so wonderful, and the two of them are so cute together in this movie. I've always thought they are both kinda dorky so it just works.

living in WY makes me appreciate people more than i ever have. especially the people i love. i have to drive, drive, drive hours to see the faces of those that i care about so much and miss so much. it makes seeing them that much better.
in the last week I've been to Logan and met up with good college friends, to Park City and met up with Chaser, to Salt Lake to cheer my grandpa on through surgery and i got to see my family who came to visit at the hospital, and i met up with the roommates at City Creek (we missed you Megan!). i love my people. they are all rockstars.
i think those words above are so comforting, and apply to my family very much right now. i cannot say it enough, i respect my family so much. they are such examples to me and i know Heavenly Father blessed me greatly by giving me them.