for birthdays.

i'm thinking all missionaries who knew him thought he was a king.
one lucky guy, & one cool girl! i wish i could make something like that.



scripture study
my bed
conversations with my Carrie
listening to my vinyls
Cafe Rio with my roommates
Water Pong nights in footie pajamas
trips to the temple
phone calls with my Mom
& this song.

so good!


coming soon.

taking a break from homework to watch some trailers.
i'm excited for these.


life lately...

Wellsville, Utah. only the homiest little town in this here Cache Valley.
& rain.
vines, all over the  buildings.
climbing, what i love most.
only at Lee's will you find this sort of arrangement.
a pomelo?! never even knew they existed.


here's the thing.

they really are, & something needs to be done about it.
you know what would be nice? having someone you could just pack up & hike deep into the mountains with whenever you feel like it.
so i should probably marry someone who enjoys that stuff as much as myself.
all i want to do right now is go on a long backpacking trip.



yesterday was a scarf day. & a climbing day. taking that class is one of the best decisions i've ever made. climbing makes me so happy, & now i can go all the time for 8 weeks.



a school day.
i can sign about ten words in ASL now, & it's only the 1st day of the semester.
Mondays have become a favorite day of mine. it's email day. plus i can finally attend FHE without that dreaded night class of mine anymore.
did you know that President Uchtdorf's family (when he was just 6 years old) was introduced to the church while standing in line at the market? a little old lady decided to speak up to them & let them know about the true LDS church. maybe i'll start talking to strangers more often in the line at Walmart. who knows, i could convert an apostle.  i'd like to meet that little old lady someday, her testimony has blessed the lives of so many today.

"Don't close your eyes and hearts to the simple & elegant beauties of each day's ordinary moments."
-President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

he is always reminding us how much our Heavenly Father loves us.
Happy Monday!


had a panini from this place yesterday, & feeling pretty good.

upon my arrival back to Logan yesterday i realized i had no food. but woe and behold i had a gift card to Kneaders. huzzah. people keep asking me if i'm glad to be back at school. eh, yeah i guess i am. i'm excited to have a little structure in my schedule again.
i'm back in the swing of things people.
i'm changing up some of my habits for this coming semester & i think it's going to bring an increase of happiness in this life i'm living. better study habits, eating habits, new job, a warm coat, & new year's resolutions i intend to work on.
happy start of semester two!


a wedding.

Megan got married. she looked beautiful, they looked so happy, & i am so happy for them.
it's so weird having a married friend now...
1. Carrie
2. sparkler send-off with scary eyes
3. awkward photo of Carrie standing all alone
4. awkward photo of me standing all alone
5. & there we are, back in the summer of 2010.


2011: a review

i don't want to forget the year 2011. it was one of the biggest years of my life! it's funny because i started 2011 off with friends at Trafalga playing laser tag & ended the year working at the Fun Park in Logan. huzzah for fun centers right?
at the beginning of the year we took a trip to St. George where we experienced mud.
lots of mud.
Katie & Ally continued to rock at Orchestra concerts.
Carrie & i continued our tradition of making Martin Luther King Jr. Eve cupcakes.
& Spice Nights.
i said goodbye to Jameson & a few other missionary friends.
& kept in touch with old friends that i miss a whole bunch.
finished out High School with trips to Sammy's & Wingers.

as well as my beloved photography class with Mr. B-Tholomew where i developed my first rolls of film in a dark room.
i graduated high school, so happy!
& then got extremely excited for Utah State.
i spent the summer working three jobs, going to unbelievably fun concerts, & packing up to move to Logan. plus i got a new car!
my brother came home.
& we camped! where i took lots of close-ups & took in the pretty scenery.
i made it to college where i fell in love with Logan & the school.
 we said goodbye to our favorite Spencstar for two years.
& we miss him like crazy.
my roommates became my best friends & we took family pictures.
 we danced to the 80's, & to just about everything else.
 Spice Nights continued.
 & i had fun, more fun then i knew was possible.
i discovered Pinterest.
& studied, then studied some more.
 i met so many new people & loved them all.
i was called to be in the Relief Society presidency & learned to love others more than i knew i could. my testimony grew so big & the gospel became more of a top priority than it's ever been.
 i celebrated Halloween by bringing out my inner astronaut.
 & Thanksgiving was filled with family, food, & leaves.
oh, & a trip to sunny St. George.
 Christmas came with all it's magic.
 i partied with some of my favorite people in Logan.
 & Pleasant Grove.
 i got my new iPhone & Instagram was discovered.
i celebrated the New Year with a few friends which was great, even if it was a couple hours late.
twas a good year.
& i know 2012 will be even better.