blue & yellow.

"Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss...." He turned to me. "But every once in a while, you find someone who's iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare."
Wendelin Van Draanen (Flipped)
more than its parts.


cyberhug! (((((((((((you)))))))))))


Nevr insult Dumbleder in fron o me! Meant ter turn em into a pig, but i spose he wis so much liker pig anyway
Dad:I’m practicin me Hagrid voice

haha. funny blog.

parting of hair.

bryce loski reminded me of hearblack boy.
that hairstyle.
i love that movie & i love hearblack.
grandma likes my love of old fashioned.
she called to say she got a record player for her holiday gift & i need to come over & listen with her.
that rich crackly sound.
been enjoying this hat very much.



he was also fond of posing, regally, on carousel horses.
the balloon is ready, i've tethered it to the balcony with a knot no sailor could invent. ignore the gathering crowd below. plebeians! ...remember how we met? barefoot on the beach (the hem of your dress starched white with salt). i was flying a beautiful kite. ...but we are too old for kites. let us toast the flying club cup, our health, a quick painless death and helium.
i'm going to sleep so well tonight.
breathe in, deeply now, okay do you feel it?
don't worry, we're finally here.
i did not live far from my father. it was my father that lived far from me. my daughter, you sleep peacefully and you do not hear my father's hounds howling.
on cold winter nights cliquot would wander the marais in a purple bishop's robe and mandarin slippers with tiny bells ringin around both ankles.
favorites from my new beirut-the flying club cup-cd cover.
it's kind of beautiful to me.


on the twelth day of christmas i give to you...
a christmas card.



on the eleventh day of christmas i give to you...
this link.
all about making a cute little gnome.
today is busy, busy & the festivities are about to begin. so no time for crafty crafts, but check out that link.

the eve.

poppy seed.

i loved this movie.
totally saw what came, coming.
& johnny depp is so goood, always.
happy christmas eve.



on the tenth day of christmas i give to you...
a homemade book.
found here.

carrie is in the process of making a very awesome book to give to someone for christmas. maybe i can post pictures of the finished product someday.
a peak:



on the ninth day of christmas i give to you...
homemade wrappin paper.
found here.

i've been lookin for brown wrappng paper that i could decorate & wrap presents in. then i saw that girl sending stuff in the mail in packages made from paper bags from the grocery store, so huzzah! 

i grabbed some paper bags, cut them up, sewed the ends together, stuffed the presents in them, sewed it completely closed, then decorated like a crazy person.
pen & pencil.
& burning the edges is a nice effect.

twas fun.




on the eighth day of christmas i give to you...
well today i don't have the supplies for this but go check it out here.
how adorable is that little bird.
i definitely want to make one next time someone has a baby.



on the seventh day of christmas i give to you...
homemade leg warmers.
found here.
-find an old sweater that you don't want, make sure it isn't stitched too tight, you need to be able to thread ribbon through it. also, you'll be using the sleeves, so get one with attractive sleeves.
-cut the sleeves off the sweater, where you cut is where you'll thread ribbon.
-find some cute ribbon and cut a really really long piece, (wrap it around your ankle like five times, this is about how long it should be).
-thread the ribbon around the end of the sweater where you cut, i used a safety pin for this. (thread pretty far in, an inch or two, from the edge, this'll make it cuter, but it depends on what you want.)
-once you're done threading, put your leg warmer on, ribbon side goes at your ankles.
-tighten the ribbon and tie a nice bow.
-adjust it so it looks pretty, and wowee, you did it.
mine aren't nearly as pretty. but a good 1st attempt all the same.



& the last hour...


on the sixth day of christmas i give to you...
yarn ornament.
found here.
-take a ball of yarn & wrap the yarn around a styrofoam ball until you can no longer see the styrofoam.
-once this is done keep some extra yarn at the top & glue the end so there is a loop.

but feel free to be creative in your own way.
-take some red pins & stick them in the ball to shape a heart.
-find some tinsel ribbon & tie a bow with it, then connect it to the ball with another red pin.
-cut some extra yarn & dangle some buttons from it, i added a button & a bell, then attach this to the bottom of the ornament.



on the fifth day of christmas i give to you...
leather tassel necklace.
found here.
-buy some leather & cut to desired rectangular size, i cut to about 4 inches wide and 3 1/2 long.
-draw a line across the rectangle with a writing utensil, i used chalk, 1 inch down from the top.
-cut thin strips up to the line, the thinner the strips the thicker your tassel will be. you can also cut some strips at different lengths to make it look thicker.
-cut one extra strip all the way to the top, this will be what you use to make a loop for the chain.
-put glue along the top above the line, i just used a hot glue gun.
-roll twice then add one end of the extra strip.
-roll a couple more times then add the other end of the extra strip so now you have a loop at the top.
-finish rolling it up so it looks like a tassel.
-add a chain and wear it for all to be jealous.
takes ten minutes. i love it.



on the fourth day of christmas i give to you...

i've been collecting lightbulbs. RIP-lightbulbs. i hate the new fluoresent ones. hmmf.
i had been wondering what i could do with my lightbulbs, then i was wondering if i could hollow them out so i could put stuff in them.
& you can!
i learned from here.

-follow the instructions on that website, it's harder than it looks. or maybe i'm just weak,
(good luck, i broke three).
-for christmas sake i decided to attach them to the set of christmas lights that hang in my room, but after those come down there's lots of things i could do with my hollow lightbulbs...

...fill them with little buttons or all kinds of goodies, then attach them to a string and hang em up.
or in the spring time you could cut little flowers from outside, throw them in the lightbulbs with some dirt and have yourself a hanging lightbulb garden.



one the third day of christmas i give to you...

oh judas i love this one. i have always wanted to make my own film camera, but unfortunately i am not that crafty and talented. so i will have to wait till photo 2, next sememster to make one of these lovelies.

i saw one on elsie's a beautiful mess.
part one here.
part two here.



christmastime is so beautiful.
outside is beautiful.
stores are beautiful.
music is beautiful.
people are happy and jolly.
the story is beautiful.
decorations are beautiful.
the movies are fantastic.
there's service projects happening all around me.
everything is beautiful.

i love it more this year than i think i ever have.
everything, about seasons & holidays, seems to keep getting better as i get older, & i don't even have my kiddos & man with me yet.
i heard this yesterday-
"simplicity is the greatest sophistication." -president uchtdorf
so true! i love it.
a simplified life...
simplified everything.

time-inception soundtrack.
red eye flashes twice.
stupid memory-sondre lerche.
*got me through homework today*


on the second day of christmas i give to you...
found here.

-cut out 8, 4x5" pieces of tissue paper (christmasy colors), then stack them together.
-fold them into a fan.
-tie a string around the middle of the folded fan, be sure to leave extras at the ends so you can attach the pompom to string later on. 
-cut the ends of the fan into whatever shape you desire, (i cut a point, but you can also round them).
-now you can slowly unfold your fan and shape your pompom. be careful, it tears easily.
-finally, after the pompom looks beautiful, attach it to a string.



on the first day of christmas i give to you...
found here.

-find some paper you like and cut to a polaroid size, (make sure it is durable).
-stitch a square cut out of a dapper photo onto the paper.
-add some yarn or string to the top, tie a knot & hang!


12 days.

coming soon...

a collaboration of 12 days worth of some of my favorite DIY projects i have found so far.
the www is awesome. i find awesome people on it. read about their awesome DIY projects. try them out. i love it.

diving in dumpsters.

enjoying these today.

regina is absolutely brilliant.


a list.

today i hope to:
find a good book to read.
scholarship/application stuff-bleh.
find my tripod, take some photos.
read up on some lomography cameras.
read up on some 110 film.
find some good music.
order some christmas gifts.
listen to some records while i think about that idea i had. and then the other one.
a trip to the walmart to develop pictures.
write some letters.
watch casablanca.
eat my bertie bots.
maybe nap.
study. maybe.
find some good DIY christmas ideas.
& hope that i follow through on some of these.


sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thurdsay, friday, saturday.

"why do i always wanna sock it to ya hard."
i sung this over & over to myself in third period today.
i want to sock some people in my seminary class pretty hard.
but then.
tomato basil ravioli soup at kneaders for lunch made up for all those thoughts.
food always does it.

huzzah for fridays. my favorite day of the week.
monday-bad, bad.
tuesday-i always feel like it's thursday on tuesdays, bad.
wednesday-not so bad.
thursdays-they always go pretty fast, but i always seem to have a test on a thursday, bad.
friday-last day of school, nap after school, relief, the night time is always fun, happiness, watch a movie, sing some songs. good.
saturday-always awkward for me, usually because i sleep too late & feel weird the rest of the day. medium.
sunday-i love sunday. except sunday nights, knowing monday follows.

the end.



i hold a special place in my heart for these guys today.

can you fight with words?

one of my downfalls in life is i can't put up a good word fight/argument. sure, i can shove & kick (in soccer), but i can't think of good comebacks when i'm angry.
plus i cry when i'm mad. that wretched mad-cry. & then ten minutes later i'll think of the perfect comeback i wish i would've said, but it's too late now.

carrie can word fight very well.



time is not a fan of me.
i'm not a fan of time.
it keeps spurting out the spare kind and i waste it. i don't use it to its full potential.
i thought about my life today and how it is just there sometimes. almost nothing yet so much, but that "much" is not helpful to me. it's not making me as happy as i can be. i am a happy person. but i have all these dreams, things i want to make, do, see, meet, read, watch. but i don't ever do them. i claim i don't have the time. i do. & time gives it to me everyday, i just waste it.
i saw this one one movie that made me think. i love movies that make me think. they talked about how "americans-wake up, drink their coffee, fuss about their looks then go to work, come home and get in their jammies so they can watch tv all night". then we stay up too late because we can. then we wake up & do it again.
not everyone. not the same for everyone. yet, the same. routine, i don't like routine. but i don't try to change my routine.
& i don't try to make better use of my time. the spare kind, & the kind where i'm supposed to be learning or working. i don't even use the time i'm supposed to be sleeping correctly.
so much abuse.
time is one of those always constant things in my life & i abuse it so much! it's always going to be there, it's always moving, & it's always speeding up because i don't know how to use it properly.
i am here to get to know Him.
so why am i/the world so worried about gaining money or position just to make a life, when i already have one. these things are important, but not the most important.
i am here to get to know Him.
i'll do this by caring about things He cares about. seeing, meeting His creations.
& just having Him & the purpose, which i am so blessed to know of, on my mind everyday.
& then those things i worry about, will work out. i know this.

so my goal: don't be a horrible spare-time spender, try to get the "have to do's" done (on time) & have more time to do the, productive, "want to do because this is going to make me happy & a better person  's".

the end.


3 things.

happy life anniversary today mom.

one reason to wish i were a boy, clothing.
pockets big enough to fit wallet, phone, & inception soundtrack.

i wish i had those blue shoes & i love when mom comes home from costco.



christmas playlist.
some aren't christmas but they have that feeling.

wintersong--sarah mclachlan.
sister winter--sufjan stevens.
have yourself a merry little christmas--frank sinatra.
i've got my love to keep me warm--ella fitzgerald & louis armstrong.
white winter hymnal--fleet foxes.
christmas at hogwarts--harry potter.
holiday-vampire weekend.
maybe this christmas--rex sexsmith.
be be your love--rachael yamagata.
white christmas--bing crosby & frank sinatra.
blue moon--billie holiday.
winter song--sara bareilles.
river--sarah mclachlan.
thankful--josh groban.
dance of the mirlitons--nutcracker.
dream--priscilla ahn.
all i want for christmas--mariah carey.
it came upon a midnight clear--josh groban.
winter winds--mumford & sons.
merry christmas baby--otic redding.
why can't it be christmastime all year--rosie thomas.

holiday vinyls:

bing crosby.
nat king cole.
julie andrews.
andy williams.


dear cary,
you're handsome & charming.


poppy seed.

we named friday night "poppy seed". after a spice. always after a spice.
photobooth .
the film camera.
big wax lips.
zupas and christmas lights.
first pictures in the vibe.
the cutest candy/nicknack store, green coat, hanging bottles display, and dolls we ever did see.
Colt Bowden art show.
invitation: indie-folk-gospel show. "you know, it's really hot right now."
poetry reciting men.
all the while singing to Lisa Mitchell and Ben Kweller.
spice nights are always the best.
especially the fancy kind.
go check out Colt Bowden here. we were lucky to pass by his art show in Provo. some beautiful work! i especially love his paper people.