peaceful. quiet. subtle.

the Spirit speaks to everybody in a different way. i love that. i love that the way i feel the Spirit is so personal to me. distinguishing the voice of the Spirit can be hard sometimes, sometimes i wonder if it's me just thinking that i've felt the Spirit, when in fact i may just be trying to justify something. i've learned, though, that when i've been living the principals of the gospel, that i am able to feel and distinguish the Spirit so much easier. and when i listen, and obey, i feel happiness that only the voice of the Spirit and the love of my Savior can give me. especially when i am prompted to do something that i am completely uncomfortable with. those are the times that i feel my Savior's love the strongest.
"...for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will i make weak things become strong unto them." -Ether 12:27
then, not before, but then will He make weak things become strong. we admit that we cannot overcome temptation and sin without the help of our Savior. we drop our pride and fall into His arms, which are waiting to catch us. and then He will help us up again, and we will be stronger than before. we cannot go through this life alone. this scripture means so much to me. i know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and that he did Atone for our sins and has made it possible for us to be happy, so happy. every time my testimony of the Atonement is strengthened i am blown away at how much love he has for me and for everybody. i feel His love even stronger, and i am also able to love others stronger, which is such a beautiful thing.



weekends are just they greatest lately.
this weekend was especially fun. i went to a concert, to Logan's Farmer's Market, i went camping, and to the Brigham City Temple Dedication.
Carrie took this cool pic of "Children of the North" playing on Friday. they're just your average college students living here in Logan who are also members of the LDS church. i looooove their music and cannot wait for their album to come out someday. they are honestly just so good. check them out here. oh and those two singers just got married last summer, how neato is that?!
Chase drove all the way up to Logan ( awwe :) ) on Saturday and we brought him along up Logan Canyon for a quick campin trip. we had a blast! and we also didn't have self-timer so we took two pics so both Carrie and Chase could be in it.

hope your weekend was just as wonderful as mine! Carrie and i decided that heaven will probably always feel like a weekend. that'll be great, right?


one more thing.

Chase was in City Creek the other day and sent me this pic. i thought i'd share. isn't it cool?

did i tell you?

i live in a little old house.
it's fun, it's different, it's quiet (except for the floors, they squeak).

Vintage Surfari Wagons

first off, watch this video:

second off, check out this website-here

okay, now you understand why i must go on a 
Vintage Surfari Wagon road trip, right? someday 
i will go on one, i would say someday soon, but 
you have to be 25 to rent one. danget. but it will 
happen, i assure you. by then i'll have a husband 
(hopefully) and we'll travel the coast and the 
redwoods together, in a VW Bus :)

ps. the people that made that video are way cool. 
you can find them here, and here. and she is 
actually a triplet, crazy right?! so you can stalk 
all you want and find them on the www, too. 
they are all very cool people.

pps. i don't know why all my words are on the left
side only today, it looked fun.



i turned twenty yesterday, twenty!
Saturday was jam packed with fun stuff. Brigham City Temple open house, climbing, rode the Sundance ski lift, dinner at Outback, dessert at La Jolla Groves, and a movie at a friend's house. and best of all is that Chase planned all of that. we had so much fun! he even surprised me with my very own quick draws, which we took climbing with us. he's the coolest guy in the world.
my mom made one of my favorite dinners for Sunday dinner, and Chase came over for ice-cream cake after that. mmmm. cake is not cake unless there's ice cream involved. and my mom got me colorful toothpicks, yes! plus Elder Holland spoke on the tv for the CES Fireside and that was really great, too.
anyway, i had the greatest birthday ever. the people in my life are the best people. i love my people.
and now i'm twenty and old!



finally finished this of our trip to California last month. those canyons were really like nothing i've ever seen, and more water than i've ever experienced when canyoneering. the first two days were the "jump trips", it's very rare to find a canyon with so many jumps and slides (probably twice as many jumps as there were rappels). the last day was an easy peasy canyon with no jumps, in fact it was kind of boring. i don't know if i'll ever be completely satisfied with another canyon after doing the jump trips, they were absolutely beautiful, wet, unique, scary, and exhausting. jump, swim, pull yourself out of the water, boulder hop, hike, downclimb, repeat. that's how it went, i felt like i was in boot camp. but it was so much fun! you knew when it was a longer jump because you would jump, look up, back at the water, back up, and then back at the water all before you hit the water.
i wish i had had a GoPro more than anything for this trip.


a few moments of August...

we went camping.

Chase & his family invited me to their Labor Day camping trip last weekend.
haha don't ya love that last pic of us 4-wheeling? we did the Lava Zipline Adventure too, which involved this awesome Slovakian guy named Milan. i didn't take as much video as i would have liked...it's mostly us 4-wheeling, oh well.
thanks Carlson's for letting me tag along!