live & let live.

i guess i'll talk about college.
college is so good. this last week and a half has been the best of all the weeks in my life. & i have to brag about this place i live because we really have it so good here, my roommates are wonderful & those boys across the hall are so nice & lovely to have as friends. high school threw me the shaft but college is treating me so well. it's where i belong.

now, Cache Valley.
Cache Valley is so beautiful! the mountains remind me of home. every little house i run by each day is a dream. it's blasted hot right now which is kind of funny seeing as every time i told someone i'm going to Logan they say i'm going to freeze. i will though, i know it, & i can't wait! when you live in this valley everything slows down. & life is easier. people seem to smile more & laugh like they mean it.

my classes so far have been...intimidating. but intriguing as well. it's scary coming in as a freshman in age but a junior academically. in 3100 today we talked for a good 30 minutes on how to apply to graduate school. scary, but all these classes pertaining to my major are interesting & i can't wait to learn more. i take this as a good sign that i chose a major fit for me.

i love it here.


red & yellow.

saturday in the park.

a boy with red hair came to visit us last Saturday so we went for a picnic. that picnic basket of mine is usually full of lightbulbs and movie tickets but that day it was full of food. Cache Valley is so incredibly beautiful & we're glad we were able to share it with him.



it was Spencer's birthday today & we love him so much.
he's our best friend.
Happy Birthday Spencestar!


4 things.

1. this life i've been living here in Logan is so fun. going home will surely be the greatest, but life is good here. & i'm loving it.
2. i couldn't do this without Carrie.
3. we scored big time on this apartment choice, it's such a sweet setup.
4. college is so different from high school. everyone, EVERYONE, is so friendly. i've learned so many names in the last three days, more than i did in those three years of high school probably. i love friendly people.


spencer & carrie.

i have two of the best friends you could ask for. they've been working on a video & finished it at last, watch it here. i cried when i watched it, i love them both so much. especially when they are together.
we're gonna miss Spence a whole lot.


have you noticed...

-trees are pretty.
-this is the weirdest age, i will not miss being 18.
-everything looks better when you're surrounded by tall buildings.
-a bundle of flowers is nice but just one single flower is so much better.
-keys are each so different & unique.
-flowers look best when they are hanging upside down.
-if you watch a movie in a different language with the subtitles on you will understand it better & enjoy it more.


up close.

more pictures from the campin trip.
my mom is really pretty.
this is one of my favorite things to watch.



we are always sure to camp each summer. i feel the woods we visited this year were some of the prettiest. & that lake was gorgeous.



1-jessie & the back of danny
2-a dancing fool
4 & 5-two of my favorite people being so excited
7-me, jenna
8-people, people, people. & the stars of the show!

that was such a fun night.
& i think everyone was lookin real good too, right?