life in photos.

7: sporting my great grandma's necklace.
8 & 9: i took a quick trip to Logan last weekend & i couldn't drive by Bear Lake without snapping a pic. it is such a pretty lake.
10: Cache Valley & all it's glory. i LOVE that place. it felt so good to be back there. such a magical place.
11: beautiful campus at night.
12: my abode come this fall. so excited!


Ragnar Wasatch Back

running the Ragnar was so much freaking fun. i would do it this weekend, and next weekend, and the next weekend if i could. run all the Ragnars! it is so grueling, but so much fun.
run. drive. sleep? repeat.


do all the outdoor things.

trail running.
well, that's that. i'm hooked and i haven't even tried it yet. i'm asking for trail running shoes for my birthday and i'm so hitting those trails when i get back to Utah where the mountains are calling me.
whoaee! doesn't it look like the best thing ever? just running, free, in the mountains. surrounded by beauty, something new every day. i'm so there.
i just wanna try it all! i'm quitting school, work, and life, and running to the mountains. i'll climb all the things, run all the trails, camp in all the spots, canyoneer all the canyons, hike all the hikes, see all the sights, and i'm gonna buy a road bike cause i wanna do that too. and a mountain bike.
oh, and i'm taking Chase with me. anyone else wanna join?


life feels like a dream lately. i can't say how many times Chase and i have looked at each other, both of us thinking, "are we seriously sitting next to each other?" it still doesn't feel real. two years is a long time guys. but "love is real, real is love" -john lennon
at least that's how i feel and i really like it.
Chase watched Inception the other night for the first time, and now he's thinking we should find ourselves totems, to assure us that life is, in fact, real right now. it'll be fun to see where life takes us from here. speaking of dreams, i was curious as to how many songs in my itunes had the word dream in them. 33 songs!
here's some of my favorites:
Dreams by Brandi Carlile
Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun
Neopolitan Dreams by Lisa Mitchell
Dream by Priscilla Ahn
40 Day Dream by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

on another note, i live by some nutty little boyz. i turn my back for one second and the shirts come off. it's never quiet around these two.
we went bike ridin last night. i just wanna quit life and ride a bike around the world.


proof, that i am among the living.

like i said, life lately has been different from what i've been used to for the last eight months. but like usual, there are always moments to snag a picture of. 
1. i've been eating YUMMY home cooked food by my gma. most def better than food made by a poor college kid, or no food at all now that i think of it.
2. the speed limits are even different. there's something about small towns...they all drive so slow. seriously though, most the speed limits in this town are 20 miles an hour. WTF.
3 & 4. i've got all these little kiddos that i call my cousins here, and i can't seem to shake them off of me. they chase and jump on me until i'm dead. and they wear gloves on their feet cause they are obsessed with geckos and stuff. big whoop, i love the lot of them.
5. again, yummy food. orange julius. also, when i took this pic i could hear about a hundred cows in the background. a symphony of moos.
6. erry week there are new episodes of Gilmore Girls on hulu. erry week i'm watchin them.
7. i've been working on reading the BOM since January. my plan was to finish by the end of school, i got way close but in the end i didn't want to rush through the good stuff at the end. i've been taking it slow the last couple of weeks and must say i'm sad i'm almost done, but can't wait to start all over again! 1st and 2nd Nephi are my FAVE. it's fun to go back and read some of my favorite passages from this go around as well.
8. my cutie of a cousin Halle girl likes to send me letters in the post. i got the cutest letter from her today asking me to sign or "sine" yes or no at the bottom of the page if i would go to seven peaks with her, because apparently it's the "funnest place on earth". i love her.
9. guess who called tonight?! Chaser is home. he's home and i'm not. something is wrong with that eh. i can't wait to catch up on the last two years with him this weekend. SO EXCITING!


alls i do is post videos. whatevs.

these movies look gooood. Emma Watson in a non HP setting, awesome! and Chris Pine is always lookin fine. one thing i miss about living at home is movies. my family is big on movies and there are so many movies around lately i haven't seen but would like to. 
i miss movies. i miss home.
i'm living in Wyoming for the summer with my grandparents. i work a couple jobs, since nobody wanted to hire me in Utah County for a couple months. life is very different here. it's basically a different world. i could make a list a mile long of how different it is. sometimes all i want to do is go home, but other times i enjoy it here. 
i'm so excited for August to roll around. i've never been much of a summer person. some people are complete summer people. but not me. it has it's perks when there are canyons to climb in and pools to swim in and friends to do those things with. but this summer is different. different, different, different. i couldn't say it enough. life is different.
and it's okay.


let's give it up for the six unaccompanied girls.

0:17 & 0:58
we are famous.
ah, that was one of the best weekends of my life.