Happy Halloweeeeeen!

we had a good time carving pumps last weekend.
& then Keven had to one up us like always...
he carved his freaking face in a pumpkin there on the right. 

Chase's is supposed to be the Joker....hehe didn't really work out as planned. 
mine is a "Nightmare Before Christmas" pump.
i had no reason to dress up this year, but i've got something good in mind for next year :)

Happy Halloween!



to the right was yesterday to the left was today.
i will miss fall. if Logan were as beautiful as it is during fall all year long, i don't think i would ever be able to get myself to leave this place.


fall on Old Main

this year:
last year:

Utah State is a good place, don't ya think?



i'm missing this guy real bad today.

but a very happy birthday to my cutie cute little not so little anymore sister, Katie (Kate-wa). 17?! and also happy birthday to my dad three days ago, he's the coolest dad around, i mean really though, my life would be adventure-less without him. 
i love you both!!



today was a very good day to live in Logan. it was gloomy outside, but good gloom. it rained, and i went for a run in it and all of the leaves. all of Logan is covered in yellow, orange, and red leaves right now. i think they all fell over the weekend, it was a nice surprise to come back to a colorful town after the weekend. good gloom is good.
one of my roommates from downstairs took that last photo of the back of our house, isn't it a pretty one?

today was just a really great day.
in Institute we talked about love and agency. we read a talk by a member of the Seventy that said love is a decision. you don't "fall in love" because you, in fact, have complete control over love, it isn't something you just fall into without choice. while in class i thought a lot about the people i know who have "fallen out of love" and claim to have not been happy in their marriage. we read that to "fall out of love" is a cunning myth or rather, a satanic lie. i never really thought about love as more of a decision  than a feeling. also while i was in class i thought about a quote from the movie Dan in Real Life (there are so many good quotes from that movie) when his daughter's boyfriend says "Love is not a feeling, Mr. Burns, it's an ability". 
i am so grateful for my Heavenly Father, for loving us so much that he continually gives us his son, our Savior. and i am so grateful for my Savior's love because the more i feel and learn of his love, the more i am able to love others.
(the talk we read is called "Agency and Love in Marriage" by Elder Lynn G. Robbins)



 we went to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. that picture makes me laugh cause we both have the same goofy grin on and Chase's hand takes up half the pic haha.
then we made our way south to Zion's National Park with my dad so we could give Chase a little taste of canyoneering. even though it was wet, cold, i left the camera in the car on accident, and too foggy to find the drop into the canyon that was supposed to take up two days...plan B still turned out way fun. we did Keyhole & Pine Creek, way pretty! here's a few pics.


we realized something a few weeks back...

Sea Wolf's "The Violet Hour" is a great song to dance to.

hope conference was uplifting and wonderful for you all as well! how blessed are we to have true, living prophets of God on the earth today?!
speaking of, isn't this just the cutest picture of President Monson?



been watching the debate.
and season 3 of this wonderful, wonderful show. Sybil's new 1920's hair is so cute!



photos from my iPhone of the last couple of weeks.
it was Homecoming week last week, which meant there was a chalk dance. which meant we got covered in chalk and couldn't breathe for like two minutes and it was scary. Color Me Rad did it better. 
at USU, each department paints a little section of the road on campus for Homecoming, i got a kick out of COMD's section (the IPA writing and all). 
over the weekend Chase and i went up to the canyon, unfortunately we didn't know it was National Park Day, or something like that, so there were a bajillion people and it just put us both in bad moods, buuut, it was pretty! fall is just about in full swing here in Logan, the best is going for a run through the tree draped sidewalks where you can only hear leaves crunching under your feet as you go. fall is the best time don't ya think? 
there's always these cute orange berries that fall from the trees in front of my little old house, i always pick them up then don't know what to do with them, but just look at them, they're just cute. 
every Tuesday we go to Cafe Rio for Taco Tuesday, it's a mad-house and i don't know why we do it, tradition i guess. those are mine and Carrie's boogies woogie shoes/feet while waiting in line last night, we were starvin marvin and the workers were moving like snails, the food was good though!

need a smile?

take a look at my cutie cute cousin, i just love him!