milemarker 465.

carrie & i feel as though we've been festering here in Pine View too much. tonight we drove up the canyon for some air & we found the loveliest place to sit for a picnic. we'll visit that spot again soon enough. life would be dull without her by my side.
carry on.

a few things:
i love men in uniform, especially Navy. you can't help but love it.
here in 28 & 29 we have a song-Pumped Up Kicks. i hear it at least four times a day. we still aren't sick of it.
remember accordian girl? turns out it's a constantina, not an accordian. i heard her playing on campus again today, sought her out, then spoke to her. i asked her about her instrument & she showed me her sheets of music. i want to learn how to play the constantina.



something i heard, liked, & wrote down today: "...a great God takes time to teach us to be like Himself."
each Sunday gets better i believe.
football game & the lovliest place to be on 1st east here in Logan, (The Crepery).
i didn't know i could love a group of people as much as i love all of those kids. we have the best of times.


walk to class, in front of ya.

Campus-Vampire Weekend.
sometimes this song pops in my head as i'm walking around campus. i think the USU campus is so pretty, i love the layout of everything. also, the cemetery here is one of my favorite places to walk, it's quite peaceful. i'm yet to find my study spot, i've found many adequate study spots, but not one to call my own yet. soon. i'm in the Relief Society presidency now & couldn't be more excited about it, this is something that will definitely strengthen me. Heavenly Father knows what we need. here at USU we like to break records i guess, so we are creating the longest kissing chain tonight, we'll see how that goes. it's also true aggie night...hmmm. watch the video over here. ha. life is great and conference weekend is coming up. happy homecoming weekend!

{photo from last summer}


a few things that i love.

a girl was playing a super old accordian outside the library today & it might have been one of the most beautiful things i've ever heard. i sat & listened for a while.
Sunday's are becoming my favorite days here in this valley, they are so peaceful.
& these people:



she is my woman & it's her birthday.



-i'll be the big "one nine" tomorrow. happy anniversary of life to me!
-She & Him is coming out with a Christmas album next month, i'm saving up for that one.
-i love life right now, college is just the greatest. it's hard, yes, but it's the greatest.
-i'm going to see my family this weekend, it's been three weeks but it feels like months, i can't wait!
-i've learned so much these last three weeks. every night i lay in bed for a few minutes thinking i'm the luckiest girl alive because that's how i feel.
-each day i grow. i've grown spiritually, physically, mentally... & it feels incredible.
-i've never been so in tune with the Spirit, life is easier when you're in tune. everything, good & bad, just makes sense & this path i'm walking everyday widens a little more each step i take.


80's dance.

i've never danced so much in my life.
gruesome, but so great.


family photos.

roommates: Mia, Tarah, Megan, our dog Ryan, me, Carrie, & Kim.
tonight they go up on our living room wall.
photography courtesy of Adam from 28.
explanation: we call Ryan our pet because he doesnt live in our building, but he's always around. life wouldn't be the same without him being over all the time.