so i've got the mittens,

boots, & coat.
now where's the snow?

i hope your Christmas was happy, mine sure was. different, but still as wonderful as ever. i can't wait for when i have little kiddos to celebrate Christmas with, i miss the lingering magic the holiday used to bring. but, in a way, Christmas is now something better than it's ever been to me. this year i think i felt more of what Christmas is really about than i ever have. it's such a beautiful holiday. in the darkest & coldest time of year, we celebrate the birth of Christ, the light & life of the world. not only that but at the end of the year where we can look back & reflect on how much we've grown (hopefully) over the past months, & rejuvenate with hopes of an even better year to come.

& boy do i have plans for next year.
2012 looks so promising.


Merry Christmas!

this is the first of many instagrams to come from my new iphone &  i,
Merry Christmas!



that's our snowman we used to put in the front yard every year, i'm real sad i missed out on putting up Christmas decorations this year. it's always a favorite.
well it's official, i'm done with my 1st semester of my junior year of college. 
i'm super relieved to have a job now, but why why why can't it start after the Christmas break? but i'll stop thinking about it & go do a 'i'm done with finals dance'.



i've realized that i'm the only person who knows myself better than the girl next to me in that photo. therefore, she knows me the best. she's the only one that i can really open up to, about anything. i think a lot of people don't really know me, & i mean really know me. in fact no one does, except her. some people see glimpses, but nobody knows the real me. i've always known this fact, but lately i've realized it even more. one of my goals from now on is to learn how to open up more to people.
the day i meet that guy that i can open up to like i do with Carrie, will be quite the day.
that's when i'll know.

carry on.


listening to:

My Current Grooveshark:
Lost Coastlines-Okkervil River
Plus Ones-Okkervil River
Call it Off-Tegan & Sara
Love Love Love-Avalanche City
Drive On-Avalanche City
Ends in the Ocean-Avalanche City
Somebody That I Used to Know-Gotye
Blood-The Middle East 
Celebration!-Joshua Pearson/Hey, It's Christmas! Vol. 2
Are You Coming Over For Christmas-Belle & Sebastian
Sister Winter-Sufjan Stevens
Joy To The World-Sufjan Stevens
Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing-Sufjan Stevens
River-Joni Mitchell
Little Saint Nick-She & Him
Christmas All Over Again-Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)-Death Cab For Cutie
Maybe This Christmas-Ron Sexsmith

what are you listening to?

only one more final-check
job at Cache Valley Fun Park-check (huzzah!)
climbing class with my Carrie next semester-check
three week break-check
feeling pretty good right now-check

that's all.


love love love.

i love this song.
i keep falling in love with people i read about on the internet. it can't be stopped. people are just too cool. Carrie once upon a time stumbled upon Hailey Haugen's Vimeo page, we don't know her, but i think her videos give you an idea of how much i would love to live her life. 
watch them, you'll be in love too. you might cry a little when you watch her latest videos as well, just the cutest couple i've seen.

i need an adventure right now. 
i want to try so many things, go so many places.
& video everything in my path.
sometime, soon.


welcome, december.

dear december,
thank you for finally coming, you're one of my favorite months.

dear food of all kinds,
you don't taste good anymore? what happened! it's tragic.

dear Christmas trees, lights, & music,
i love you so dearly, i wish i could have you around all year long.

dear record player,
sometimes you make me the happiest girl around. laying on the floor, listening to your sweet sounds is so much fun. especially when you have the Andrews Sisters Christmas vinyl spinning round & round.

dear snow,
come! please, i'm so ready. i want to hear the silence in the air that you bring, & sled down old main with you cushioning my bottom.

dear finals,
i should probably be more scared of you right now, but i do believe we are closely matched. bring it on.

dear body,
you're not in soccer shape anymore, i miss that real bad.