Color Me Rad 5K

we ran it yesterday at UVU & we felt like rockstars!
it was so much fun. didn't even feel like a run, just felt like a party. we were famous even, "let's give it up for the six un-accompanied girls". 
so awesome.


Kathleen Thornock

i spy some little children who love cake & have beautiful eyes.
i traveled to Randolph, UT today for my beautiful Grandma Thornock's funeral. she is so loved & we are all anxious to see her again someday. we will miss her until that day but are so happy that she is home now. i feel so blessed to know that my family can be together forever and ever and ever. i was looking around at them with teary eyes today just so thankful for each of them. it's hard to write all the things i feel, especially on days like these. but the thoughts are in my head & i'll keep them there and always remember how wonderful i feel when i'm with my family. 
family is family & i love them.

Bear Lake looked so pretty today, as did the canyon. & that little chapel in little old Randolph will always hold a place in my heart, so many memories in that 108 year old building.
PS. that painting of Joseph Smith is an original, how cool is that?!



my sweet Great Grandma Thornock passed away last Friday. she was just so sweet. i cannot remember a birthday when i didn't receive a lovely letter from her in the mail. when i graduated from High School she sent me a package of a few of her possessions that i hold close to my heart, as well as a photo of Christ. her testimony of Christ was always a strong example to me. her passing is a sad-happy thing. Friday was my aunt Nikki's birthday who passed away when i was younger, and i like to imagine Grandma wishing Nikki a happy day as well kissing her sweetheart once again, it's been too long that they've been apart. when i found out i walked to the Logan Cemetery. i LOVE this place, it is in the most random and perfect location. right next to campus. sometimes i take the long way home to walk through this peaceful cemetery. i love love cemeteries, i wouldn't even mind being proposed to in a cemetery they are so lovely.
i love you Grandma Thornock.

so many fo-tos.

it's been a crazy couple of weeks. so many photos. so many videos. so much fun. always on the go. so many emotions. we've been trying to have as much fun as possible here in our last few weeks together & we've succeeded thus far.
climbing, swimming, water polo, swings, feeding ducks at 1st dam, concerts, midnight street runs to the temple, underground dance parties, flying kites, trips to the Narnia room, meteor showers, yoga till i'm sore, fires in a cave, climbing everything we see, finding waterfalls and exploring mountains, & studying between all that.
this song, and this song. are my favorites, can't stop listening. 
happy birthday to Chase today!



our trip up the canyon last Saturday.
music by The Temper Trap.


we sat down last night around our table, like we do, & made a list of all the things we need to do together in the next three weeks. i might have started bawling pretty bad, & once it started it couldn't be stopped. i'm gonna miss living with these girlies, more than anything. they are my best friends.


two things.

1. i love climbing, these are from our trip up Logan Canyon today. it was fantastic!
2. i love my iPhone. i take so many more pictures & film so much more of my life now that i have that thing. it truly is the best. when we were up the canyon today that little device surprised me by making all the colors absolutely wonderful in my photos. i love when that happens.