what do you do on Monday nights?

we have our own version of The Hunger Games. but that's just before we play hide and seek for an hour in the middle of the night. they couldn't find me for a half hour, i'm a rockstar at that game i guess. one of the best nights we've had yet.
11 more days until Spring Breezy in St. Geezy with the "wombmates". what will i do without those girls next year? i'm pretty sure i could give a sermon on how wonderful each of them are.
Mia made a video of our epic games, 
(and somehow forgot to add my name at the end :( sad face)
and may the odds be ever in your favor...

Happy National Pancake Day!



sometimes your dober is crying and you're like hey wow, i feel really bad. but get over it. sometimes i have to step up to the plate and say like HEY things are hard but they are going to get better. life threw you a curve ball and you took it hard but you've got reliability and yous can't ever forget that. keep climbings and don't stop believin.
-coach carrie

three nights by the light of my headlamp.


Death Valley.
February 2012.


Death Valley

i spent last weekend in Death Valley, California with my dad and little sister.
it's such a mysterious place...you go from 4000 ft above sea level and then suddenly drop to -200 ft below sea level. it's so dry & hot. there's hundreds of alluvial fans and the ground has strange salt stuff building up? but it is definitely gorgeous & a place everyone should see. the mountains are different there, the colors are amazing. there aren't very many places you can go and just see miles and miles of mountains, so it's pretty amazing.
in institute yesterday we went over President Uchtdorf's talk "You Matter to Him", one of my favorites from last conference. he says, "Compared to God, man is nothing. Yet we are everything to God". after spending the weekend in the outdoors & marveling over so many of God's incredible creations, how cool is it to think that we are His greatest creation. if that doesn't make you feel important, i don't know what will.



well, i loved The Vow. i'm a sucker for all chick flicks so this is no surprise. who doesn't love a good movie about love? & this movie was just cute. there was almost too much cuteness radiating from two of the most beautiful people alive.
gee, it's too much to handle. i love those movies that you can't stop thinking about, & the ones where you come home from the theater so happy but slightly jealous because you're just a hopeless romantic & you can't help it. 


a day for love.

whether you have a special someone this Love Day or not, you do have people who love you. & you always have the love of our Savior.

love is beautiful, isn't it? 
when i'm married i plan on kissing the crap out of my husband all the time & making time for little dates together. i'll tell him all my awkward moments of the day, which i'll laugh about & he'll pretend to as well & we'll explore mountains together. we probably won't have a perfect marriage but we'll try our best. i'm not at that point of life now but boy is my life full of love. i know God shows His love for me through all the people in my life he's blessed me with & the little things that i sometimes look over.

a few things that i love:
people, i love a lot of people. 
mail, email, packages, letters...nothing is better than a letter from someone you love, telling you how much they care about you. & then reading those letters over & over & over.
my mom
my bed
sleeping in your bed with the window open & covers up to your chin. & how your cheeks and nose are freezing but you love it because it feels like you're on a campout with your dad, sleeping under the stars.
Gilmore Girls & Modern Family
my roommates
Fridays & Sundays
my calling
the Book of Mormon
late night conversations with Carrie

Happy Valentine's Day!


lists & music.

my Evernote app is so handy. things come into my mind & then leave minutes later, but with Evernote i can type that thought into a list. organized lists right at your fingertips. a list of movies i want to watch, songs i want to buy, things to do this summer, foods to make, grocery lists, even my Ragnar training schedule is in that app.
these are the songs i've been wanting lately, someday i'll have a few extra bucks to purchase them.
We Are Young-Fun
We Are The Tide-Blind Pilot
Santa Fe-Beirut
We Mapped The World-Joy Williams
Hotel Song-Regina Spektor
Ends In The Ocean-Avalanche City
Boy Lilikoi-Jonsi

hey carrie, let's make a video like this sometime soon.



wherever you go there'll be love.

i remember loving this video when i saw it a couple years ago, & i just rediscovered it.
it's just a good one because they are quirky & are just having fun instead of kissin & makin out the whole time.
i should probably stop this watching of engagement/wedding/love videos business.


13 photos for 3 days.

3 really, really, good days.
i ventured home for the weekend & spent time with my family that i love so much.
dad & i climbed walls and cracks.
i went to a bridal fair with my soon to be sister-in-law & stared at pretty things.
mom & i made two things we found on Pinterest. yum.
my little cousins are about as cute as ever.
the Superbowl meant nothing to me, but food...food is good.
i chomped on yummy granola across campus today while the sun was shining.
& then found a package waiting for me back at my apartment from Chase! he's a good guy. German sweets & contraptions, a letter, & a biiiiig smile on my face.

and it's still there.